When immigration policies and public opinion show growing intolerance and social injustice, we want to demonstrate that the visual arts and culture, in a broader sense, are effective means of promoting difference.
None of us can predict if or when we might face similar circumstances—forced to flee from war, famine, or natural disaster and to live in ever-changing temporary spaces without a country or a home.

Shifting Ground — Outro Chão is an ongoing project by Jane Gilmor, Antonio & Paula Pinto involving immigrants, refugees and their descendants. So far, the participatory art actions have taken place in Cedar Rapids (Iowa, US, 2019), Lisbon (Portugal, 2021–22) and Iowa City (US, 2023).

Seeking a better future in a new place is common to all living beings.
As intelligent beings integrated into civilized societies, we must offer new forms of reception and inclusion that incorporate the arts and encourage creative thinking and the use of the imagination as survival strategies.

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